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Shipping Instructions

1. Always pour alginate impressions in stone before shipping to us.

2. Place impression in a bag on top of the packing foam on the floor of the box .

3. Wrap all models individually for protection during shipping.

4. Place models on packing foam.

5. Secure bites, crowns, or other small items in a small container or bag.

6. Pack with foam and enclose Rx. Make sure contents are secure and won’t shift.

7. For local pick-up call Mitech Dental Laboratory Inc. directly at (905) 333-0765.

8.  For pick-up outside the local area, seal box securely with packing tape and insert into a PuroPak and attach a shipping label. Call Purolator for pick-up at 1 (888) 744-7123 or Mitech at 1 (800) 509-8815.

TO ARRANGE A PICK UPPurolator Express Pak

Call Purolator at: 1 (888) 744-7123
Call Mitech at:  1 (800) 509-8815


Call us today:
Local: 905-333-0765            Toll free: 1-800-509-8815